Black Sea Fleet ships


American strategic drone approached the group of warships of the Russian Navy

An American drone attempted to fly over a group of Russian warships.

While a group of Russian warships continues to be present in the waters of the Black Sea, it became known that the American military strategic drone RQ-4 tried to conduct some kind of secret mission near the Russian Crimea, and even approached a group of Russian military ships, staging a serious provocation right at the Russian borders.

According to information at the disposal of the website, the American strategic drone with the call sign "Forte10" (previously this drone had already been seen near the Russian borders in Crimea) was not operating alone - another reconnaissance drone of the same type was flying with it the latter's route was clearly strange.

According to experts, if the drone with the call sign "Forte10" could perform the task associated with the next check of Russian air defense systems, then the actions of the second drone are still unknown - it is likely that the latter exercised control over a group of Russian warships, as well as the area that previously was closed by the Russian military for six months without explanation.

It is known that no violations of the borders of the Russian Federation were recorded.