Bomber B-52


An American strategic bomber with a burning engine nearly fell apart in flight. Photo

The crumpled American B-52 bomber with a burning engine nearly fell apart in flight.

The published photo of the American strategic bomber B-52 with a burning engine caused a lot of questions from experts. The reason for this was not the ignition of the engine at all, but the corrugations formed on the fuselage of the aircraft, which could well lead to the fact that the bomber, capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board, almost fell apart in flight.

“Nothing (ed.) Is not clear. The burning B-52 engine is not as interesting as these corrugations. I can’t imagine how many thousands of years a plane has to fly to get such corrugations. Unless of course it’s luminium at all. ”, - said in the "Telegram" -community "Fighterbomber».

The reasons for the formation of a corrugated surface on the fuselage of a strategic bomber are indeed unknown, however, experts pay attention to the fact that it indicates the strongest wear of the bomber.

“Such corrugations indicate serious wear on the surface. If we assume that one of the elements of the casing for any reason will be disrupted during the flight, then most likely the plane will generally fall apart in flight ”, - declares the specialist in the field of processing materials by pressure.

It should be clarified that the causes of engine fire in the American B-52 also remain unknown.