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American strategic bomber simulated an attack on the bases of the Baltic Fleet

The US strategic bomber B-52 flew less than 100 kilometers from the Russian border.

Tonight, at the disposal of the news and information resource, information appeared that less than a hundred kilometers from the Russian border (Kaliningrad Oblast), the American strategic bomber B-52 was noticed. According to "PlaneRadar" (officially it was not confirmed - ed.), The American strategic bomber, which can transport nuclear weapons, simulated the bombing of the base of the Baltic Fleet.

“Boeing B-52 flew past the borders of Poland, approaching the Kaliningrad region. According to the portal (“PlaneRadar”), Stratofortress simulated the bombing of the Baltic Fleet base. The flight was about a bomber at an altitude of about eight thousand meters "- RIA Novosti edition informs.

It is known that the plane was accompanied by combat fighters, while the duty forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise to intercept the bomber.

At the moment, it is known that the B-52 aircraft of the US Air Force could go to neighboring Georgia for military exercises, but the US Department of Defense did not officially confirm these data.

This Pentagon, a fiend of hell, will not settle down. A country that did not know millions of losses in wars, once paid for all the grief caused to humanity, well, it could not be otherwise!



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