Bomber B-52


American strategic bomber simulated a missile strike in Kamchatka

The American strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress simulated a strike at the Russian Far East.

As follows from the information provided by the media, a few hours ago, the American strategic bomber bomber B-52 Stratofortress simulated a missile strike on the Russian Far East. It is reported that an aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board was able to approach the Russian borders by less than 100 kilometers, after which it completed a missile strike and lay back on course.

The command of the Russian Aerospace Forces and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have not yet commented on the imitation of the attack, but this fact has caused a lot of questions among experts.

“If the American strategic bomber was spotted by Russian air defense systems, then why wasn’t it at least accompanied by fighters. If a plane capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board was not noticed, then there are even more questions to Russian air defense systems ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that previously the American strategic bombers B-52 Stratofortress already tried to approach the western Russian borders, but were repeatedly intercepted by Russian fighters on approach.

The author did not touch on the topic of possessing the United States as the main means of destroying Russia. I admire the talents and talents of Russian gunsmiths. But still we must remember that not only their products determine the victory in the political and economic confrontation on the world stage! The main question remains the question of the readiness (and ability!) Of the Russian leadership to order the use of all the power of Russian weapons in a critical situation for the country. Otherwise, this is another bluff, to pump the "rating" to the president. It is no longer possible to hide the regrettable fact that the Russian "elite" of 30, for years, has been transferring all its tangible assets to banks and investments to foreign "partners" (beneficiaries). And their families there, in the grace of the "civilized west", indulge in the joys of life, learn and have fun, multiply and engage in profitable business. (An example is the Abramovich family, living on Russian resources in Israel). Only in London alone there are several thousand palaces of Russian oligarchs. And how many are there throughout the "civilized west"? Favorite saying of the Great Democrat B. Yeltsin was: "Here, panmash, what a squiggle comes out!" So is it possible that a harsh Putin’s hand will not flinch in order to destroy in one fell swoop the untold wealth of his estate? Undoubtedly "earned by hard and honest labor." And most importantly, how does the Russian "elite", closely connected with the "civilized west", relate to such an aspiration?