The American strategic UAV RQ-4 headed for the Kerch Strait, but it was immediately deployed by Russian air defense

Russian air defense forces forced the American strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk to deploy.

This morning, not far from the Kerch Strait, a rather dangerous incident occurred. So, according to the data available to, the American strategic unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk, performing a reconnaissance mission near the Russian borders, unexpectedly headed towards the Kerch Strait, approaching the Russian borders at a distance of a few kilometers. Deepening a very significant distance, the drone suddenly changed its course and went southwestward, which is presumably associated with Russian air defense systems.



In the presented image, you can see the flight route of the American strategic reconnaissance UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk, where it can be argued that the American drone deliberately made a provocation against Russia, realizing that the Russian military would either raise their fighters or use air defense systems. Nevertheless, obviously realizing that in the event of further deepening, Russian air defense systems would open fire without warning, and the drone systems could well receive a signal about missile guidance and target acquisition by Russian complexes, the drone was forced to retreat.

It should be noted that the United States is stepping up its provocations near the Russian borders, but the Russian side has also begun to act much tougher, raising its planes into the sky in case of real threats.

It would be good if Russia respected world law, did not climb with its charter on the Donbas and respected the territorial integrity of its neighbors. And yes, Crimea is illegally annexed by Russia. Googled.

Gotta hit from spare positions and on spare frequencies

It would be nice if America did not poke its (nose), where it is not expected and not called.

The air defense of the Russian Federation first got scared of the UAV, but then they got bolder

This was the whole point to scan the parameters of radars and electronic warfare systems, but as practice shows that the Kremlin is pushing fake data about its systems. I think that in case of conflicts, radars and electronic warfare will work in a completely different way.