Helicopter shot down


The American Apache helicopter shot down by the P-27 aircraft missile. Video

An American attack helicopter was vulnerable to a Soviet rocket from the 70's.

Experts have questioned the fact that the American attack aircraft AH-64 Apache, which was in the arsenal of the Saudi Arabian Air Force, was shot down by the Osa. Nevertheless, as experts specify, we are talking about, probably, other Soviet weapons - the P-27T or R-73 missile launched from a ground installation.

According to the Russian military expert Yuri Lyamin, we can talk about a compact launcher, which would be extremely difficult to detect. However, the most likely is that the drones were shot down by the Soviet P-27T or P-73 aircraft using a homing heathead.

In favor of this version is the fact that the missile launched by the anti-aircraft missile system hit practically the very engine of the attack helicopter, while the combat vehicle was literally broken into two parts.

“It cannot be ruled out that some new version was used, using the Soviet P-27T or P-73 missiles with a thermal guidance head. In any case, one can say for sure that this is not a wasp anti-aircraft missile fighting vehicle. She's too big to apply it there. ”, - quotes a statement by Yuri Lyamin, the informational newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.