Helicopter crash


American helicopter guarding Biden's inauguration crashes in New York

The US National Guard helicopter that provided Biden's safety crashed in New York State.

A few hours ago, a UH-60 helicopter of the US National Guard crashed in New York state, which ensured the safety of the inauguration of US President Joe Biden. It is known that there were three American servicemen on board the crashed helicopter (according to preliminary data, two crew members and one serviceman - ed.) - the latter were killed.

Sources on Twitter report that this helicopter provided security for the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, and crashed several hours later. Any circumstances of what happened at the moment are not announced, however, the incident occurred due to a technical failure of one of the systems of the rotorcraft.

It is reported that casualties and destruction on the ground were avoided.

It should be noted that the sky over Washington during the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States was also guarded by combat aircraft, and the airspace over the city was closed for flights not only by planes and helicopters, but also by unmanned aerial vehicles, since, according to earlier statements by the FBI, on the inauguration was planned to carry out terrorist attacks using drones with explosives.

This is a fiasco!