US soldier arson on a US Navy warship - completely destroyed by fire

In the United States, servicemen of a naval warship reported arson.

US Navy Command reports that an American soldier set fire to the USS Bonhomme Richard amphibious assault ship. At the moment, it is reported that the arson was deliberate, while the ship was completely destroyed by fire. Previously, the news agency Avia.pro published video footage of the landing craft engulfed in fire.

“The US Navy has filed charges under the Unified Code of Military Justice against a sailor in connection with the devastating fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard landing craft last July. "The sailor at the time was a member of the Bonhomme Richard team and is accused of arson," the commander of the Third Fleet said. This is stated in a statement by Sean Robertson. He explained that “the evidence gathered during the investigation is sufficient for a preliminary hearing in accordance with the due process of law in the military justice system”. The preliminary hearings in the sailor's case were conducted by the commander of the Third Fleet, Vice Admiral Steve Koehler, who, according to representatives of the Navy, is considering the possibility of opening a criminal case. The service has hidden the identity of the sailor ", - reports the publication "Business Insider".

It is not known what exactly the motives of the arson attack on the American soldier, however, experts note that the soldier could have a conflict with the officers of the amphibious assault ship and thus avenged.

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