US military air base


American soldier dies of fear during rocket fire at a US airbase in Iraq

The media reported the death of an American soldier at the attacked US Air Force base in Iraq.

About a day ago, the American military airbase Ain al-Assad underwent a powerful rocket fire using 122-mm rockets. According to the data presented, all 10 missiles were dropped on the territory of the American military base, causing very serious damage, while an American serviceman, according to preliminary data, who is a member of the PMC, was also killed, however, according to the media, the death of the latter was due to fright. - during an unexpected shelling, a soldier suffered a heart attack.

The American side confirmed the fact of shelling of the US Air Force base by an unknown group of persons using a homemade multiple launch rocket system. The fact of 10 strikes on objects located on the territory of the base was confirmed, while the American military command did not officially mention the damage, although according to local media reports, at least two military aircraft and several ground vehicles were injured.

According to the Iraqi media, a US serviceman (the Pentagon reports on a civilian contractor - ed.) Died due to an unexpected rocket attack - his heart simply stopped, which was obviously caused by serious fright.

Russia isn’t bombing you with missiles, then it’s as if thousands will die from heart attacks;)

The most "truthful" media in the world are the Iraqi ones. Don't make people laugh.