The American military C-130 could not repeat the landing of the IL-76 and only plowed the ground. Video

An American military aircraft landed past the runway and plowed the ground.

The American military transport aircraft C-130 Hercules, when making a landing at the Easterlap Airbase (South Africa), under unknown circumstances, missed the runway and plowed the ground for several meters. The plane received quite serious injuries, but managed to do without injuries. Nevertheless, the landing of the American aircraft was compared with the capabilities of the Russian IL-76, a video which was published a few days ago by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and, according to network users, the “American” could not repeat the feat of the Russian transporter.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Russian aerospace forces aircraft take off absolutely without hindrance, and subsequently land on the dirt floor, leaving only dust clouds behind. However, photographs of a damaged U.S. military aircraft indicate that US Air Force transport aircraft are not at all ready for such situations, unlike the Russian Il-76.

It should be clarified that this is not the first incident with US military transport aircraft of the US Air Force, which indicates that these machines are very poorly suited to work in critical conditions.

This is not just soil, but prepared and compacted to a certain coefficient, capable of taking off and landing in limited quantities.

C-17 definitely knows how to land

The one on the far right (I don’t know how they are numbering, it’s the 4th on ours) is the Hercules’s engine in a weather vane, the flap deviation angle is small and from the right edge of the runway, it’s very close, maybe it was not landing, but the aborted take-off, the engine refused on take-off, the plane led to the right and this is the result

so it is rolled as a result of numerous take-offs and landings. most likely the crews train regularly.

Found something to compare. Ours then flew from the rolled strip. And this one just moved out. And fell into the ground

Look at the video of the IL-62 landing on the Moninskoye swamp, from all the preparations for which there were only measurements of the thickness of the soil

Maybe it's their stripes are not adapted? Maybe ours too would have "stalled" there.

The American rolled out of the concrete. IL-76 sat on the prepared primer. The author, 76, in your opinion, can sit on any field?

Where did you all see wet ground ??? a soldier with a shovel stands and he has ABSOLUTELY, from the word completely clean shoes, work in the wet ground first, sofa specialists! to the fields of you - to plow the earth so that you don’t have the strength to write nonsense

It is necessary to compare with the AN-12 it is also a turbo screw

Strange cutting of fragments, etc. with all due respect to the domestic aircraft.

IL-76 was originally designed taking into account landing on unpaved runways. In particular, the chassis compartments are dustproof.

On the Internet there are many videos of landing our aircraft outside the runway. Look. There are also Ilov landing on unprepared lanes.

It can be seen that ours has a dirt road, and amers have loose earth. Some kind of not very convincing subject for pride.

Il sat on the prepared lane, the American missed from the concrete.

Soil must be prepared ...

For Americans, the land is wet and possibly loose and may therefore have sat on the belly))