US military truck hit by IED in Iraq

An American military truck was blown up in Iraq.

According to the Iraqi media, unidentified militants attacked two American military convoys at once moving through the territories of Samawah and Nasiriya districts. As a result of one of the episodes, an American military truck was blown up on an improvised explosive device (IED) - information about the victims is still missing, however, the vehicle was destroyed.

At the moment, it remains unknown who exactly is behind the attack on American military convoys. According to some reports, we can talk about terrorists of the "Islamic State", however, experts express the opinion that the pro-Iranian forces located in Iraq could also attack the American military convoys in response to the recent attack by Israeli planes on the IRGC base in Syria.

It should be noted that despite the US statements about a significant reduction in the military contingent in Iraq and a number of other countries of the Middle East, the transfer of military supplies to Iraq and Syria has only increased recently, which indicates the strengthening of US influence in this region.

Then the BMP

Or maybe a trawl

It looks like it was not a truck that blew up, but an armored personnel carrier. )))