American military convoy with armored vehicles bound for Syria destroyed by missile strike

The American military convoy was destroyed by unknowns in Iraq.

A few minutes ago, unidentified men attacked an American military convoy heading towards the Syrian border. As a result of a missile strike, at least three pieces of equipment were destroyed (presumably two armored personnel carriers and one truck - approx. Ed.). The number of victims by the US military remains unknown, while a number of sources report that the attack was carried out using multiple launch rocket systems, while other sources report an attack using mortars and anti-tank systems.

It is reported that the US military intended to transfer their vehicles to Syria, however, the military convoy was unexpectedly attacked. Judging by the destruction, there are both casualties among the US military and losses - there are no official comments on this subject. The source reports that almost immediately after the attack, American military helicopters and drones were lifted into the sky, however, traces of the attackers could not be found.

According to experts, the attack on the American military convoy may well be pro-Iranian military groups, in particular, we are talking about Kataib Hezbollah, especially against the backdrop of recent attacks on their positions by the US military. However, there are no official statements from the pro-Iranian group yet.

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