American warship cleverly tricked the Russian military

The Americans showed how they deceived the Russian military in the territorial waters of Russia.

The news agency has obtained some details of the incident involving the USS Ross in Russian territorial waters near Kaliningrad. As it turned out, the Americans simply deceived the Russian military, after which they entered the Russian territorial waters, made a "circle of honor", while deepening about 8 kilometers deep into the Russian border, and successfully returned to one of the ports of Poland.

Analysts pay attention to the route of the American warship. The latter was clearly aware of where the Russian territorial waters were, and initially turned to the southeast near them, thereby demonstrating only the fact of being with the Russian borders, however, just a few minutes later, the missile destroyer equipped with 90 tactical missiles of the Aegis system turned around and entered the Russian sea space, after which, after staying in Russian waters for at least 12 minutes (taking into account the movement at maximum speed - special note), he moved in the north-western direction, having overcome another 8 kilometers in Russian territorial waters.

Thus, according to the expert, the American ship only distracted the attention of the Russian military, and judging by the lack of official statements, it was not possible to intercept the American warship.

The Foreign Ministry urgently needs to express our deep concern. Nothing else can be done, bills and children abroad.

Well, they already squeal with delight in our fifth column. It does not even occur to the heads of a dog that their favorite American means of destroying the "Putin regime" will likewise turn them to ashes. It will not work selectively.

torpedo below the waterline, so correct

And Experience is the son of difficult mistakes. This is not the art of deception; this is what Americans call the art of defending American interests. They are not interested in someone else's opinion. We can break our forehead, trying to explain to them that they are wrong, and violate other people's boundaries. They don't give a damn about it. Only a volley on the course.

Proof of the cowardice of commanders of all levels, starting with the commander in chief. Any state has the right to destroy violators of the border. This was done in the USSR before the traitor Gorbachev. This must be done now, regardless of the social system in the country. If this is not done, then the level of provocations will only increase and everything will end with an ultimatum.

They would be engaged in aviation and not climb into the fleet. Otherwise, you will soon fly like Koltova with women.

disgrace, how simple, it turns out to deceive the Baltic fleet ...
here on the Pacific Ocean it was not possible to deceive, there the sailors are on the alert, and the Baltic Fleet is asleep .... hey, there, on the bridge, wake up!

Well, where is the bombing on the course? Ashamed for Russia! for our supreme!

Complete nonsense. 12 minutes for a total of 16 km. He's on hydrofoils.

So, you look, quite by accident, stumble upon a sea mine, during the Second World War, and you will have to urgently stick into the nearest shallow, so as not to drown, as the Norwegians drowned ...