War plane


American military plane flies unhindered over Iranian military airbase

An unknown American military aircraft violated Syrian airspace.

Despite the fact that, to date, Syrian airspace is closed to civilian aircraft, an unknown American aircraft, presumably belonging to the US Air Force, not only approached the borders of Syria, but was able to completely unhindered upsetflying directly over the Iranian military base being built in Abu Kemal and within the limits of the detection of Russian and Syrian air defense systems.

The purpose of the flight of an American military aircraft near the borders of Syria and their unhindered violation is still unknown, however, given the fact that the aircraft was at a low altitude, and air defense equipment has already been deployed at the Iranian military base, this fact raises a lot of doubts about that the airspace of the ATS is protected from external threats.

As for the Russian and Syrian air defense systems, the American military aircraft was definitely within the radar detection range, however, given the rather long flight of the aircraft, obviously this did not have the proper effect on the American military.