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American military plane nearly shot down a civilian plane near Russian borders

Near the Russian border, an American reconnaissance aircraft nearly shot down an aircraft flying from Israel.

A few hours ago, an American military plane nearly caused a major plane crash near the Russian border. According to the information available to the news agency, the military plane was making dangerous maneuvers and at some point the difference in height between the civilian aircraft heading to Moscow and the American military aircraft was only 20 meters. At the same time, experts believe that this is not at all about an accident - it was a deliberate provocation by the United States - the American military intended to ensure that there was an alleged invasion of the US Air Force aircraft into Russian airspace, for which the identification codes for a civil flight could well be replaced.

“On the eve, one of the two reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea randomly crossed the established civil aviation routes and approached the passenger Airbus Tel Aviv - Moscow. "The crew reported the alarm about a dangerous approach. There was less than 20 meters between the planes vertically. The controllers gave the command to the civil aircraft to descend 500 meters and take a safer flight," he said. The intruder did not respond to requests from the ground. "- reports the news agency Interfax.

Such provocations by the United States will require a thorough investigation. At the same time, Russia is ready to react more harshly to any approach of foreign aircraft to the Russian borders.

It's a shame that Russia swallows and forgives all these antics of the warriors, and in all publications it is only written that Russia is threatening America, then Europe, but in fact Russia allows you to do everything that the powerful of this world want

Everything that is written is true!

This is yours, in the wild west, howl is raised, but here people are not frightened for nothing.

Great news. The plane and the people are safe. However, it is clear that the higher the concentration of troops, the higher the likelihood of any incidents. However, we have not heard of a decrease in the level of confrontation (175 thousand troops, 500 fighters, etc.). This is not encouraging.

GB, you got us through.
Federal Air Transport Agency.

Again ... "ready" !? :) Well, like in the fable "The Boy and the Wolf". Only at the end of the Fable do the wolves eat this boy ...

Fables, there would be a howl, otherwise even the Federal Air Transport Agency is silent.