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US military aircraft tried to trick Russian military in Syria

The American military aircraft tried to trick the air defense base "Hmeimim."

About a day ago, the American military aircraft Boeing RC-135U, carrying out reconnaissance near the Russian military bases in Syria, tried to trick Russian air defense systems. This is due not only to the next mysterious disappearance of the aircraft near the Khmeimim air base, but also to the substitution of identification callsigns during the flight.

According to information at the disposal of the news agency, when performing a reconnaissance flight, the Boeing RC-135U was originally an American military reconnaissance aircraft with the HILT41 call sign, however, after a U-turn near the Russian military base in Tartus, the call sign of the American airport has been changed to GUMMY11.

In this connection, the call sign of the American military aircraft was changed - it is not known, while experts believe that in this way the US Air Force checks the readiness of Russian air defense systems, which, by the way, provide control over a significant part of the region, which was previously noticed by the American side near Russian military facilities.

The Americans are not our partners ... These are Putin's partners, he loves to call them that ... For us they are enemies, not partners.

And what, from our main "partners" in the "fight" against terrorism, should we expect anything else besides provocations?