The American military aircraft tried to ram the Russian IL-114 at the borders of Crimea

The American military aircraft almost rammed the Russian IL-114.

A day earlier, the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135U, flying at the borders of the Crimean peninsula, almost became the cause of the disaster. According to submitted data, an American military aircraft abruptly began to drop altitude and ended up in only 15 seconds flights from the Russian IL-114, which performed a flight associated with testing the latest equipment.

In the presented diagram you can see. that at 9 hours 2 minutes an American military plane made a dangerous approach to the Russian Il-114 aircraft. It is reported that initially the aircraft performed a flight at an altitude of 9-9,5 thousand meters, but unexpectedly began to reset the flight altitude, being on the same level with the Russian IL-114. The purpose of such a maneuver remains unknown, but subsequently the American military aircraft sharply changed course and headed west.

Resource Avia.pro previously reported about the same aircraft, in particular, based on the data of the Flightradar 24 service, the American Boeing RC-135U was accelerated to supersonic speed, although this aircraft is technically adapted for flying only at subsonic speeds.

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