An American military plane flew directly over the warships of the Russian Navy, staging a very serious provocation

An American military aircraft simulated an attack on Russian warships by flying directly over them.

A few hours ago, an American military aircraft conducting reconnaissance near the Russian borders in the Black Sea waters staged a very serious provocation, forcing the Russian military to immediately activate air defense systems. According to open monitoring resources, an American military aircraft "dived" from a height of 10 kilometers to a height of 3 kilometers, flying directly over a group of Russian warships during the next phase of the "Friendship Bridge" exercise, thereby forcing the Russian air defense systems to instantly activate. which made it possible to collect the most important information about the operation of guidance systems and radars.

At the moment it is known that we are talking about a reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force, however, according to experts, this does not change the essence - although the aircraft could not attack Russian warships, since it does not have weapons, the crew managed to seize the data about the operation of radars in both passive and active modes.

On the other hand, analysts argue that such a provocation was very serious - Russian air defense systems installed on warships could quite legally open fire to kill, even despite the fact that the incident took place in neutral airspace, as a threat was created Russian military sailors.

And it was necessary to shoot down. Then they would otmazyatsya that "they say, the air defense system worked in automatic mode and we are sorry about the incident." But ALL other US pilots thought three times with their head to do such actions or not

And what, Russian aviation is flying over US ships near Seattle or Los Angeles? And practicing strikes right at their borders? Where is the USA and where is the Black Sea. Do you feel the difference?

Normal case. We are delighted every time when our combat (not reconnaissance!) Aircraft do the same over NATO ships. Under the USSR, this was generally a common mutual practice.

So when our warplanes show an attack on the American navy, it's a joke.
And when American planes do the same (not even combat ones) against our Navy, this is a provocation.
The question is, who is the author of such messages provoking?