American military aircraft staged a new provocation at the Russian military airbase in Gyumri

The Americans want to intervene in the armed conflict in Karabakh.

A few hours ago, the American military reconnaissance aircraft Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS, which is an airborne electronic reconnaissance station, carried out a very long flight near the Russian military air base in Gyumri, from the airspace of Georgia. One of the reasons for this was an attempt to identify Russian activity in the region, and, probably, the detection of electronic warfare equipment, which, as previously reported, is actively shooting down Turkish and Israeli drones.

"Today, an American electronic reconnaissance aircraft Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS is active in the airspace of Georgia," - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "Militarist", publishing the corresponding flight route of the American reconnaissance aircraft.

There are no official statements on this matter yet, however, experts believe that Washington may look for a new reason for accusing Russia of interfering in the armed conflict of third countries. Moreover, the interest in identifying air defense, radar and electronic warfare systems both on the territory of the Russian military airbase and in the immediate vicinity of the borders of NKR and Azerbaijan is not excluded. Moreover, given the capabilities of the Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS aircraft, it could well scan the frequencies of radars and communications equipment.