American military aircraft entered Russian airspace

The plane that delivered American weapons to Ukraine entered Russian airspace.

The American plane, which delivered about 100 tons of various weapons and ammunition to Ukraine tonight, after taking off from Kiev airport, entered the airspace of neighboring Belarus, after which it turned sharply and entered the airspace of Russia. The reasons for the appearance of an American aircraft flying in the interests of the US Transportation Command in the airspace of Belarus and Russia remain unknown, however, given the current data from open monitoring resources, the aircraft is still in Russian airspace.

“The American plane, which landed in Kiev last night and was carrying weapons and ammunition sent by the United States for the Ukrainian army, after taking off from Kiev, entered first into the airspace of Belarus, and then into the airspace of Russia. The aircraft continues to fly in Russian airspace", - reports journalist Bedrettin Belyukbashi.

At the moment, it remains unknown the exact purpose for which an American aircraft used by the US military entered Russian airspace and for what reasons the Russian side granted access to this board, however, this aircraft was also previously seen in the supply of American complexes to Ukraine Javelin.

According to the Telegram channel Hunter's Notes, the board belongs to the US Transportation Command.

USTRANSCOM/CMB "Camber" National Airlines transport flight B747-428 (BCF) N919CA. This is the same aircraft that delivered Javelin systems and other weapons to Kiev on October 23 last year.- said in the message.