Aircraft reconnaissance


American military plane entered the zone closed by Russia for flights, at risk of being shot down

An American military reconnaissance aircraft entered the air zone closed by Russia.

The air and sea space, located between the mainland of Norway and the island of Spitsbergen, was closed by the Russian military in connection with the tests of some missiles with a flight range of at least 600 kilometers. Despite the official announcement that the area would be subjected to rocket fire, a US military reconnaissance aircraft violated the designated area.

Photo: "Operational line"

One of the reasons for the appearance of American military aircraft in the area is an attempt to study the characteristics of Russian missiles, since there are assumptions that there will be launches of hypersonic Zircon missiles. There are no official comments from the United States, however, analysts called this behavior of the Pentagon "not the most reasonable."

“This is not the most reasonable behavior of the United States, because the defeat of such aircraft over the airspace closed for flights will automatically remove any responsibility from Russia. In such a situation, an attempt to "spy" on Russia borders on stupidity and irresponsibility ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that at the moment there have been no official statements from Russia regarding the conduct of rocket firing in the specified area, however, the firing itself is scheduled for the period from 18 to 24 February.

Russia, unlike Turkey and other states, only scares and everyone uses it, and if warned, then they must be punished so that they would not have the next time ..

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What nonsense, well, it has appeared, and the SKY is CLOSED with a preliminary MESSAGE, start, work, and if the winged SPY suddenly fell, help in RESCUE.

The peoples, apparently, did not quite understand what they were talking about. This is not Russian territory (that is, water area). This is the area over which the rocket can fly. We are talking about a warning about the passage of an unguided (or, at least, not focused on intercepting a specific air target) missile. The risk of an accidental meeting with her aircraft is practically zero.

Russia will not shoot down an American plane until they take their children and capital out of America.

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The Americans know that ours will not dare to shoot down ... otherwise they would not have sent him to our zone, the more closed ...

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