The American C-RAM air defense system effectively fired several thousand shells at missiles aimed at the US base in Baghdad, but almost did not shoot down anything.

The powerful work of the American air defense C-RAM hit the video.

On the eve of the night, unknown persons fired at least 11 unguided rockets at the American military base located in the "Green Zone" of Baghdad. To repel the blow, the American C-RAM anti-aircraft missile system was used, which fired several thousand shells at targets, shooting down only a few of them, but at the same time demonstrated incredibly powerful work, albeit ineffective.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the American C-RAM anti-aircraft missile system is firing at the detected targets. The work of the complex cannot be called effective - about 90% of the shells flew past the targets, however, at least 4 missiles were successfully hit.

Nevertheless, the repulse of the attack was not without trouble for the American side - at least one of the missiles exploded a few tens of meters from the positions of the complex, almost destroying it. The footage shows that immediately after the explosion, the gun stops firing, which does not exclude the possibility that it could be damaged, although there are no official statements on this score.

Who exactly could be behind the attack on the US Armed Forces base and the American embassy in Baghdad is unknown, however, according to some sources, pro-Iranian groups may be involved in this.

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The only thing that is good for her is the accuracy of the flying shells to the target, but still missed))