American officer detained for transferring classified information to Russia

An officer of the US Navy was imprisoned for trying to transfer secret data to Russia.

In the US Navy, a new scandal broke out. On Friday, 24 May, it was reported that junior second class officer 26-year-old Stephen Kellogg, who served on the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson (USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)), was sentenced to three years in prison. According to the FBI, he made attempts to convey secret information about the nuclear power plants of US warships, the special services of Russia.

According to media reports, from May to September 2018 of the year, Kellogg served on the aircraft carrier named. At the same time he had access to classified information. These were data on the capabilities, operation and maintenance of a nuclear power plant. Kellogg admitted that while on duty, 27 on August 2018 was going on a scheduled flight from San Diego to New York, where he intended to transfer “secret information about warships of the US Navy with nuclear power plants to a journalist who he thought , publishes this information. " After the transmitted information would have been made public, he was about to go to Russia.

Kellogg also admitted that he made several photos of controlled access zones containing secret information about the nuclear facilities on the aircraft carrier. In a press release from the FBI, Kellogg reportedly searched the Internet for information about flights to Moscow, tried to find contacts with the Russian consulate in San Diego and with the Russian enterprise Sevmash (Joint Stock Company Production Association Northern Machine-Building Enterprise).

As an example, Kellogg’s letter is given using e-mail, which is allegedly linked to Sevmash. The message contained the words "I am ready."

Kellogg fired from military service. He was deprived of military rank and privileges. The information emphasizes that the sentence that they received is mild. The reason - he pleaded guilty and cooperated with the investigation.

And what did they do to the journalist to whom he conveyed the information? Who is this journalist, where does he work?

What, slandered himself? So he collaborated with the investigators?