The American company "MAXAR" is suspected of involvement in the attack on Belgorod

Russia suspects MAXAR of a missile attack on Belgorod.

After it became known that 72 hours before the attack on Belgorod, the GeoEye1 spacecraft was surveying Belgorod and its environs (and a tactical missile was aimed at the area, which was filmed), Russia began to suspect the commercial company "MAXAR" of possible involvement in the attack. In the near future, an investigation into this fact is likely. This may lead to the fact that the Russian side will impose sanctions against the company.

“Russia has the right to impose sanctions against Maxar if there is evidence that its satellite was used to film Belgorod before Ukrainian troops attacked it”, - Senator Dzhabarov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In fact, the MAXAR company distributes satellite images commercially in the regions where the satellites will pass, and as it turned out, three days before the attack, the area near Belgorod was subjected to careful study.

“It is possible that the data from the MAXAR satellites were indeed transferred to the Ukrainian military to carry out an attack on Belgorod. Previously, the Ukrainian military has already actively resorted to the use of Sentinel spacecraft and used Russian services that publish maps with the movement of Russian troops. This allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to receive operational information without even resorting to the help of the US military. In a good way, the activities of such services generally need to be taken under control, since almost anyone who wants to pay the same 15 rubles can get information about the directions of movement of equipment, military, etc.”, - the expert marks.

What specific measures will be taken against MAXAR, if it is established that the latter is involved in the attack on Belgorod, is not specified.