An American cruise missile over the Kherson region could have been shot down by a laser

A cruise missile over the Kherson region could have been shot down by a laser.

A cruise anti-radar missile, the fragments of which were found on the territory of the Kherson region (the specific location is not disclosed for security reasons), received two thermal damage, which, according to experts, may be traces of a rocket being hit by laser systems.

In the photographs presented, you can see neat holes in the body of the cruise missile and in one of its rudders. If on the body of the rocket the thermal trail is almost imperceptible, then on one of the rudders it is very characteristic when the laser installation is operating at a great distance. Considering the fact that the missile did not receive damage typical of being intercepted by anti-aircraft missile systems, there is a very high probability that the missile did not fall on its own, but was shot down with the help of a combat laser installation, the use of which was previously reported as part of the ongoing SVO.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that the holes in the body and the rudder of the rocket are not the result of the ingress of damaging elements, as evidenced by the presence of burn marks, as well as traces of thermal impact on the end surface of the hole.

Until now, the deployment of combat laser installations in the Kherson region has not been reported.


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