Air Defense System


US Air Defense / Missile Defense System Defending Washington Hacked and Caused Chaos

The American air defense / missile defense system was hacked right in the middle of the day.

According to Western news agencies, a few days ago in Washington, anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses were urgently put on full alert. The reason for this was the detection of an unknown airborne object by several radars at once, which at high speed approached the area closed for flights and, according to some statements, even entered it. Nevertheless, as it turned out, it was about the discovery of a certain phantom object, which, as it is assumed, was the result of a computer attack on Washington's air defense / missile defense systems.

At the moment, Washington refuses to comment on the incident in any way, confirming that the incident really took place, but it was the result of a failure. Nevertheless, given the fact that several radars are monitoring the airspace at once, this is most likely a cyber attack.

“Considering that the control of air defense systems over Washington is carried out by a single center that processes information from several radars, the probability of failure is almost completely eliminated. If we assume that the POM / ABM systems have been hacked, then Washington should consider how soon this can happen again, and what consequences it will all lead to. ”, - the analyst notes.

It’s not for nothing that they are catching hackers all over the world, apparently they simply don’t have their own to establish reliable protection. And so in everything ...