American military plane left an indecent message to the Russian military off the coast of Syria

An American patrol plane left an indecent message to the Russian military in Syria.

The American military anti-submarine patrol aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon, flying on another mission in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, left an indecent message to the Russian military by drawing an image of a penis in the sky. It is alleged that the flight of the American military aircraft was hardly associated with a special mission and, apparently, we are talking about another US provocation.

According to the service, which allows monitoring the airspace, an American military aircraft, being south of Cyprus, began to fly along a very strange route, and after some time, a very offensive message was drawn in the sky from the airspace near the borders of Israel to the borders of Syria .

There are no official comments on this from the United States, however, for a number of reasons, such behavior by the United States may be due to the fact that American patrol anti-submarine aircraft for almost two weeks could not find the Russian submarine, from which they even had to hide the aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" .

They order such a tombstone for themselves

Not a great feat.

Finally Russia got what it deserved)))

It’s clear where you came from, but where did you return? Blue line interrupted, fell into the sea? someone's humor is most likely not Americans.

I don't get it, are they bragging or complaining? Too little art!

Et he where he flew said

What provocation? Perhaps this is an attempt to get to know each other - they just introduced themselves ...

They don't know the proverb: "The one who laughs last laughs best"

They drew it for us, but they themselves will get it alive in Syria, and not only there.

Original autograph.

Well, actually it is directed towards Israel.

It's okay. Just think, the pilot painted his self-portrait. "Whoever calls names - that's what they call."

and who decided that this is a gift to the Russians. judging by the location, this is a gift to the Jews.

If the "partners" did not find the Russian submarine, did they address this sign to themselves?

The Americans ... were waiting for the Russian paratroopers - big and muscular ... Hehe ...

There is nothing wrong here, they leave us a message, we leave a message for them.

Are there men left in America?

Once they do it. So the actions of the Russian military are effective. Soon there will be no Americans in Syria from the word at all.

These "heroes" are not capable of more than just drawing.

Now everyone knows how to call the pilot at the helm.

Strange: there is a signature - but no content!

Why does Russia think that this is a gift to her if it was put up between Cyprus and Lebanon.
You can't take someone else's!

Data report - Stirlitz has never been so close to failure...