American military aircraft with fake ICAO code crosses Russian border

An American military aircraft with a fake ICAO code crossed the Russian border.

Specialists involved in monitoring military aircraft were able to establish that a few hours ago, an American military aircraft with a fake ICAO code was able to cross the western border of the Russian Federation. It is reported that the plane left the airspace of Belarus.

What kind of aircraft in question is still unknown, and if it was originally assumed that it was an aircraft operating under the Open Skies Treaty, then later Analysts doubted it.

There are no official comments on this yet, while reporters managed to establish that subsequently the aircraft quite unexpectedly headed for the southeast and disappeared into the sky over Ryazan. According to open sources, the information transmitted by the airborne broadcast allows us to say that we are talking about the plane of the New Zealand airline Air New Zealand (NZ4204), however, this flight does not pass through the territory of Russia and Belarus, which raises even more questions.

On the other hand, the probability of unauthorized entry of an American military aircraft into the airspace of Belarus and Russia is practically absent.

Even if the war begins, the Russians will not believe it, as Stalin once did ... In Russia, they like to forgive the enemies of the people and the state!

In Zimbabwe, such planes are first shot down, and then disassembled, From where, where, why? (and if some rooster here wants to crow, then let him think well first)