Armata tank


The analyst commented on the battle of the Russian T-14 Armata tank against 11 Israeli tanks in Syria

Russian resources reported the battle of the Russian tank T-14 Armata against 11 Israeli armored vehicles.

As part of the tests of the newest Russian tank T-14 Armata in Syria, the latter had to speak immediately against 11 Israeli tanks. It was such reports that a number of Russian information resources made, apparently trying to make advertising the latest Russian combat vehicle. Nevertheless, analysts doubted the similar capabilities of the Russian tank, not to mention the fact that a simultaneous battle against 11 tanks at once would hardly have been in favor of Armat. Nevertheless, experts seriously thought about modeling a situation similar to this, and came to the conclusion that the Russian Armata could really withstand several combat vehicles.

According to analysts, taking into account the unique technical and combat capabilities of the Russian T-14 Armata tank, Being on the defensive, this combat vehicle can easily withstand the battle against 5-7 tanks of the previous generation.

“It is likely that the battle against 5-7 Armata tanks can win, however, the situation described by Russian information resources is completely contrived, especially since there is no Israeli armored vehicles in Syria, with the exception of the occupied Golan Heights, and getting involved in a conflict against the Jewish state for no apparent reason is generally ruled out ", - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense have not yet confirmed the test of the T-14 Armata tank in Syria and there is no evidence to date that it was actually tested there.

Did Bo1 enter World of Tank?

Yeah, what resources, what analysts? They themselves came up, they doubted themselves)))

And what does Putin have to do with it? Rather, you are already awake!

one shell of 11 tanks at once .. Putin's miracle

.. And what blah blah breed? ... We live a little and ... find out the reality. ... In a hot spot they will probably be tested. ... SUCCESS "Almaty" will trumpet the whole world ... LIBERAL MEDIA. ... In the meantime, ... everything is covered in darkness. ... By the way ... the war of Syria and Israel is not over. ... The tanks of Israel therefore, ... can appear in Syria anywhere, and not only in the Golan. ...

there was definitely such a video. 2014, August or September, LNR Novosvetlovka.

And I heard that in that tank were: you goat, Bogomolov and Ksyusha. They defeated everyone forever.

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The remaining four art crushed

Kolobanov medal, Warrior, Steel wall, Sniper and mark of the Master.

And why is there? The crew of 3 people. They hid the tank, and jumped. 4 tanks to the snout, with grenades. One of them got out, so 11 tanks were knocked out.

he could hit another 25, but the motor stalled

I heard that the GDP from Shoigu itself was in that tank. 18 Israeli tanks, 6 American, 2 spy satellites were knocked out, from the first shot they changed the flight path of a meteorite threatening the planet, and there is nothing to say about helicopters and planes, they fell from the sky like a hail, turning into a mountain of scrap metal.

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I have a video on which the Ukrainian Nazi tells how he personally witnessed the battle of 1 (One) tank of the DPR against 5 (Five) such is Ukraine. As a result, all Ukrainian tanks were shot down, and the DNR tank calmly returned to its position.

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Who wrote about this fight is not clear

In addition to tanks, he shot down the I.Maska spaceship, heading for Mars.

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nothing far-fetched, that's exactly how it was

Oh how. I read about 9 yesterday. Who is more? But where are the Israeli tanks from? Interestingly, he incidentally did not shoot down the heels of helicopters and a couple of aircraft?