Fighter of the fifth generation


Analyst: the developed fifth-generation fighter aircraft have become obsolete

The analyst believes that the fifth-generation fighter planes developed by Russia, the US and China are morally obsolete.

As reported by the publication "Sina", to date, the fifth generation fighter aircraft, which are in service with Russia (Su-57 - comment ed.), The USA (F-22 and F-35 - ed.) And PRC (J-20 - Ed.), Are already irrelevant, and their need for peace can be drastically reduced.

This is due, in the opinion of the military analyst from the PRC, in the first place to the fact that none of the above fighters have received real combat use, without which these aircraft can not be characterized, let alone that one can single out the best representative . Moreover, the expert believes that with the advent of so many fighters of a new generation, such aircraft simply remain hopeless.

"The world should think about finally presenting a fighter of a new generation, since it is up to him to nullify all the advantages of the fifth generation aircraft. What it will be, it is very difficult to guess, however, for the time being only China has presented a prototype of an unmanned fighter that can be considered as a new generation aircraft», - said the expert.

In fact, a military analyst from the PRC argues that large aircraft manufacturers should already start working on sixth generation fighters, since they will have to become a new force on the planet.