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Anha News: Turkey mistakenly attacked Russian base

Middle Eastern media reported on the Russian military base in Syria that came under artillery and rocket fire.

According to information provided by the ANHA News, a Russian military base located in the northwest of the Arab Republic was mistakenly hit by Turkish rocket and artillery fire. According to various sources, the Turkish side intended to strike at the Kurdish formations, but it is reported that the shells fell on the base of the Russian military.

“After shelling several villages in the Al-Shahba canton, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, this time with missiles and artillery, attacked the Russian base in Al-Wakhshiyya in the Al-Shahba region. The total volume of losses caused by shelling of a military base is still unknown. "- сообщает information agency "ANHA News".

To date, there are no details on this score, however, judging by the lack of official statements from the Russian defense department, the damage was either avoided altogether, or it is insignificant.

It should be noted that this is far from the first time that the Turkish army has launched artillery and missile strikes on areas with Russian military bases, thereby creating a threat to the Russian military.

HIS PARTNERS never paid for the downed plane! Do you want the Russian army to respond to the "constant random flights" of their missiles and shells to the Russian base?
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Vova. In the event of a war with us, it is unlikely that the Turks will have air defense

Of course it is wrong. If, in the conditions of an actual war, we are going to sell our air defense to our enemy: (Then give free rein, they will sell nuclear weapons altogether.

all the same, you have to be unpredictable! then they will be afraid and so they count us twice. and before they know what to expect from us.

From dozens of FAB-500s will inadvertently fly to the Turkish military barmaley. They are not controlled, the wind blew in the wrong direction, it happens.