Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Ankara announced its readiness to abandon the Russian S-400 in exchange for American Patriot and F-35

Turkey decided to abandon the Russian S-400 in exchange for the American Patriot air defense systems and F-35 fighters.

Ankara decided to abandon the further use of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems in exchange for Washington's provision of Patriot complexes and F-35 fighters by Washington. Turkey also announced its readiness to abandon any further interaction with Iran, which again caused a very serious resonance.

According to the Syria military capability, Ankara intends to completely abandon the further use of Russian weapons. Obviously, this means the sale of Russian complexes to another country, or, as analysts believe, the transfer of "Triumphs" to the American military, which has already been discussed many times.

It is noteworthy that such information appeared against the background of new tests by Turkey of the Russian S-400 air defense systems right in front of the ship of the American military, although any circumstances of this were not disclosed.

It should be noted that Russia was not ready to provide Turkey, as a NATO member country, with technologies for the production of S-400 complexes - the terms of the deal turned out to be unfavorable for Moscow.

Charming - a woman with a cart - it's easier for a mare !!! Now they will admire new toys - which shoot at their own people and do not fly !!!

Apparently, it was a CIA special operation to get our complexes, the Turks received money from their older brother and deftly played what they needed the S-400 for self-defense. I hope ours have calculated this scenario and installed self-liquidators launched from a satellite?

They just fill their own worth. No more. They want to sell cheap stuff at a higher price.

Turkish tomatoes are completely tasteless, you can safely refuse. But there are a lot of nitrates :)

Never rely on friendship with a foreign state. Especially with Turkey.

Another villainy of the Turks. Everyone has long known that these "guys" can stick a knife in the back at any moment. And in Syria they behave in a similar way

And then what will they sell in our markets? Even on the Black Sea coast, all markets are littered with vegetables and fruits from Turkey ...

Just like the Chinese, to cancel all military cooperation and further arms supplies to Turkey. The Turks tried to copy the Chinese pro. Played out.

And why shouldn't Russia give up Turkish tomatoes and other vegetables from Turkey, as well as fruits, nuts, we will find something else to refuse. If they transfer (sell) the S-400 to the United States or another NATO country, then let them send their vegetables, fruits, company formation, etc. after the S-400.