Anna News: the Himars launcher hitting the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson was hit

Russian journalists report the destruction of another Himars system.

Video footage of a corrected drone strike on a Himars multiple launch rocket system, which was reportedly used to hit the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson, was published by journalists from the Anna News news agency.

On video footage taken near the village of Stepnoe, Mykolaiv region, you can see how an unmanned aerial vehicle is adjusting the impact on the Himars MLRS launcher. The strike, apparently, was delivered using high-precision weapons, since the distance to the front line is about 70-75 kilometers, which does not allow the use of artillery.

"As reported, the Russian armed forces managed to destroy the HIMARS MLRS launcher, which was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for shelling the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. The video, presumably, captures the moment of the destruction of the launcher near the village of Stepnoe, Mykolaiv region"says in communication "Telegram" channel of the information agency "Anna News".

Unofficially, this is the eighth Himars system destroyed over the past month and a half, but the official figures announced by the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu are more modest - 6 units.

Experts, in turn, express doubts that we are talking about the Himars system, since for the entire time these installations have been used, it has been noted that the latter are moved in pairs or batteries in the amount of four units. Due to the low quality of the video, it is not possible to visually confirm the fact that we are talking about American weapons.