Antonovsky bridge after the night shelling received even more damage

The Antonovsky bridge has received serious damage, but has not yet been completely destroyed.

After strikes were made on the Antonovsky bridge at night, a video appeared this morning showing how serious the damage was to one of the spans of this structure across the Dnieper. It is noteworthy that, despite the damage received as a result of past shelling, equipment was still being transported over the bridge, as reported by residents of both the right and left banks of the Dnieper.

On the video frames you can see the consequences of strikes on the Antonovsky bridge. The damage is very extensive, however, affecting only one span, which indicates the fact that the Ukrainian military does not seek to destroy this structure, but simply wants to disable it. Judging by the damage received by the bridge, not only the Himars MLRS, but also long-range cannon artillery, probably using corrective ammunition, worked on it.

On the video frames, you can also notice that the supports of the Antonovsky Bridge received practically no damage, however, it was not possible to establish how serious the damage to the roadway is due to the peculiarities of the shooting angle.


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