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Arab countries considered refusal of American military air equipment

Arab countries are ready to abandon cooperation with the United States in the military sphere.

At the moment, it is known that the League of Arab States has expressed the opinion that if the US authorities do not refuse to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in the near future, cooperation with this country in the military sector may be interrupted. Experts believe that the Arab countries will unilaterally break contracts for the supply of military aircraft, helicopters and drones, making a choice in favor of military air equipment produced in other countries.

Experts believe that such a measure can be quite effective, since in this case, the US budget can lose tens of billions of dollars.

I was afraid of a trampushka, I was too bummed. So not long and all the orders that he concluded in his last voyage to the Middle East, lose. What then will his voters say?

Reason: sherkhan and tobacco zzarvalis

And why only from military aviation, we must refuse from civilian aircraft.

This is, as a reservation - the Americans aired, the Americans got around with their Trump!

And I do not know why to feed the country that supports the same fascism in Ukraine? Bandera and others, we recall that the UN Charter, which was signed by all countries of the world, fascism is prohibited. But alas, this Charter for some reason does not work, the sharp attacks of the US representative Nicky Haley, in the direction of the DPRK, euchet as the speeches of fascism, the destruction of the state, where is the UN Charter? Where is the international tribunal, why are they silent?

how is it that they are so undemocratic and untalessant then to the masters? ))))))
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