The Russians arrested in Belarus turned out to be members of the Wagner PMC - they were framed by Ukraine and the United States

The Russians arrested in Belarus turned out to be members of the Wagner PMC.

The 33 citizens of the Russian Federation arrested at the end of July near Minsk turned out to be members of the Wagner PMC. As it turned out, the reason for their appearance in Belarus was a provocation from Ukraine, with the direct work of the West.

“The recruitment of the group began with a call from Syria. A certain "Sergei Petrovich" called the former (this is important) fighters of the so-called PMC "Wagner" with a tempting offer to work on the protection of oil facilities in Syria. At the same time, the mobile phones did display the code of the Arab Republic, however, as it turned out later, the number was virtual. It is not registered in cellular networks, its location is impossible to determine, only outgoing calls are available from it. "Sergei Petrovich" spared no time, calling the "soldier of fortune", asking about their military past. Say, he must represent the level of experience and training. Like a subtle psychologist, he was actually engaged in intelligence research, trumping events and facts, according to which it was possible to conclude that this was definitely one of the bosses of the Wagner PMC. And even a high rank from the Ministry of Defense. Colonel - minimum! Therefore, no one was even alerted when he asked about the skills of managing the Buks or about getting to know the Russian military in the ATO zone. ", - about it сообщает Komsomolskaya Pravda edition.

As it turned out, the reason for the prolonged presence of Russian citizens in Belarus and their suspicious behavior is associated with the constant replacement of the countries of their subsequent departure, however, there is also a rather remarkable fact - Minsk and Kiev acted on the orders of the West, since only a few weeks ago Washington imposed sanctions against Russian military from PMC "Wagner" and persons associated with a private military company.

At the moment, the further fate of the arrested citizens of the Russian Federation remains unknown, since at the request of Kiev, Minsk may well transfer them to the Ukrainian side, where at least 28 people are accused of participating in hostilities in the Donbass.

Earlier, Moscow demanded from Minsk to immediately release the detainees due to the lack of any evidence in Minsk that Russian citizens were involved in the coup in Belarus.

the fool understands that this is a setup if there were bad intentions would they really have gone in such a detachment

Are the fighters so naive on the call of Uncle Washi ready to go? Rave.

probably it will be necessary to push a little bit to send real PMCs you need to think and quickly there is no time