Arestovich named three scenarios for Ukraine in 2024 - all disappointing

Alexey Arestovich (included in Russia on the list of terrorists and extremists and put on the wanted list - approx., former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, in an interview with the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita, outlined three potential scenarios for the development of events in Ukraine in 2024. The first scenario assumes a ceasefire under the terms of agreements between Russia, the United States and China. Arestovich emphasizes that this scenario could lead to periodic ceasefire violations, socio-economic problems among military personnel returning from the front, and possible armed protests in the country.

The second scenario includes the continuation of hostilities and the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in some sectors of the front, which, according to Arestovich, could cause public discontent and a search for the “culprits” within the country.

The third scenario involves extensive supplies of weapons from the West to Ukraine, which will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to go on the offensive. However, Arestovich considers this option unlikely and fantastic, noting the lack of positive prospects for next year.


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