Argentina refused to buy Russian fighters for its air force, opting for Chinese

The Argentine authorities categorically refused to buy Russian fighters.

Despite the fact that earlier the Argentine media reported about the likely large purchase of a large batch of Russian combat aircraft by the Argentine air force, and it could well have been a deal worth about one billion dollars, the authorities of this country criticized Russian combat aircraft, stating that that the purchase of Russian fighters will definitely not be carried out.

At the moment, it is known that Argentina intends to conclude a contract for the purchase of Chinese JF-17 fighters, which are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time quite effective combat aircraft.

“The Air Force is to a certain extent constrained by financial constraints in its choice, so they cannot afford expensive systems such as the F-16, Gripen and others. The general explained that the purchase of a JF-17 fighter is possible. This Chinese-designed aircraft is produced in Pakistan, which was visited by a special commission of the Air Force in 2017: “Currently we are talking about the Block 3 version, which is a completely different aircraft. We're talking about the technological type that the Air Force is looking for. ", - the Russian information publication Voennoye Obozreniye informs about it.

The reasons for the refusal to buy Russian fighters by the Argentine Air Force are still unknown, however, experts express the opinion that it was not without external pressure.