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Armenia urgently requested military assistance from Russia

Armenia has requested emergency military assistance from Russia.

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan requested emergency military assistance from Russia due to the outbreak of new military aggression from Azerbaijan. After Baku flatly refused to withdraw its troops from the territory of the Syunik region of Armenia, it was decided to directly appeal to Russia for military support.

"Since the agreement has not been fully implemented, today I turned to the President of Russia in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance of 1997 and the Treaty on the Armenian-Russian Grouping of Forces to provide Armenia with military assistance, among other things.", - said in the message of Pashinyan.

At the moment, the Russian side has not commented on Armenia's appeal for help, however, experts believe that Moscow may start a rather harsh rhetoric with Azerbaijan, since the appearance of a group of Azerbaijani troops in this region of Armenia directly threatens two Russian military installations.

It is noteworthy that Azerbaijan has not yet given any comments regarding the deployment of its military units on the territory of Armenia, however, taking into account the beginning of the organization of fortifications, it is obvious that Baku does not plan to resolve the current situation through diplomatic means.