Armenia is massively moving troops to the border with Azerbaijan.

Armenia has begun the transfer of its troops to the border with Azerbaijan.

At the moment, there are video frames that allow us to assert that Armenia is deploying artillery, armored vehicles and observation posts near the border with Azerbaijan. This happened against the background of how Azerbaijan began to deploy its troops in the border area with the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh. Given the regular shelling both on the territory of Azerbaijan and the territory of Armenia, there is a risk of the start of another conflict in the region, which can probably become very large-scale.

At the moment, it is known that in Armenia they are urged not to shoot moving columns with military equipment in order to avoid receiving important information by Azerbaijan, however, the concentration of troops in several directions of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border at once will clearly lead to a serious escalation.

Azerbaijani sources confirm the information that the military activity of Armenia near the country's borders is recorded. However, apparently, they will try to avoid the escalation in Baku through consultations with the Russian side, since earlier Azerbaijan stated that they would not tolerate the deployment of Armenian military units near the country's borders.


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