Missile strike


Armenia suffers colossal losses: Azerbaijan destroyed a motorized rifle regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces with missile strikes

Armenia is quickly losing the initiative - in a few hours the Azerbaijani army destroyed an entire motorized rifle regiment.

The clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan led to very serious losses for the Armenian army, in particular, as a result of large-scale drone strikes and rocket attacks, the 3rd Martuni motorized rifle regiment was completely destroyed, and among other things, Armenia suffers significant losses in anti-aircraft defense, as well as in armored vehicles.

“The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced the destruction of the third Martuni motorized rifle regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces. "As a result of the attacks of the Azerbaijani army, the third Martuni motorized rifle regiment of the Armenian armed forces, located on the territory of the occupied Khojavend region, was destroyed," said the head of the press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Vagif Dargahli. As a result, the regiment, which suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment, was completely destroyed. "The command of the enemy army appealed to everyone for help in providing vehicles for the removal of killed and wounded soldiers," Dargahli added. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Interfax".

It is known that Armenia really suffered very serious losses in manpower over the past three days, moreover, it was the 3rd Martuni Motorized Rifle Regiment that took the main part in the confrontation with the enemy forces, which, albeit indirectly, confirms these data.

ARMENIANS ALWAYS lived in Karabakh, or rather in Artsakh! you need to learn history and look at the ancient maps of the world. in Artsakh-Karabakh, Armenians have always constituted the majority of the population - both before the USSR, and during the USSR, and after !!!
as well as in Nakhichevan by the way! just in Nakhichevan they managed to arrange a "white genocide" before the 88th and there were no Armenians left there by the time of the collapse of the USSR.
and such a people as "Azerbaijanis" or such a country did not exist AT ALL before the creation of the USSR!

I am not a supporter of either one or the other, but you probably know from whom the Armenians took these territories? Before them, people lived there too

who is asking for help? a week ago, the streets were running with plokatics "Russia Occupant", "Russian bases out of Armenia." Well, let there be Azerbaijani bases there now.

Karabakhs are too tough for you. do not calm down, we will calm down. from the word - peace.

The territory of Azerbaijan in general belonged to Iran and why now remember history

That's right, Syria is our everything

Armenia is not everywhere where Armenians live

Karabakh was never Armenian
Learn the story

Pfft, with such arguments we can say that half of the world is the land of the Mongols. Wars have always been going on and territories have changed and it is foolish to say that if Armenians have lived on this land from time immemorial, then Karabakh must be Armenian. Shortsighted

Russia needs to intervene now. Want more losses? Then don't get involved. Armenia is stronger than Azerbaijan in terms of army, but the Russian Federation, although relatively, supports Armenia. Turkey does not go into war, and Karabakh should be decided by the UN in general, but the UN is already similar to the League of Nations, there is very little benefit. Such conflicts should be resolved in the next day. Do not praise Putin. After the attack on Georgia, he lost his respect. In short, I did not find any obvious evidence that Turkey was involved in this conflict, as well as the fact that Turkey itself is at war with Armenia. Both the government of Azerbaijan and the government of Armenia are behaving incorrectly.

interesting idea. If it is implemented, then the CONFLICT will end for many years to come

America is also an Indian land. Who cares

It is a pity for both Armenians and Azerbaijanis. As always, ordinary people will suffer. Families will be left without fathers. Well, is it really impossible to resolve the conflict in a civilized manner? Thanks to Putin for not getting involved with the war (in, in) Ukraine. This issue will be gradually resolved. And Ukraine will understand that it is necessary to decide at the negotiating table. I don't know how Russia should behave in the conflict in Karabakh. But it is definitely impossible to interfere. These are our neighbors. And in vain Armenia made a bet on the West, Russia has always saved you. If our bases and peacekeepers were there, no one would dare to attack you.

50 tanks in the first 2 hours, a motorized rifle regiment on the trail. day. Yes, there in these mountains the batch will be steeper than the Kursk Bulge. In two days, both armies will not be at such a pace, there will be nothing for paper generals

Why do they write about Azerbaijan when Turkey is at war with Armenia? Aziki are not warriors, they would never start this war. Turkey is waging the war on behalf of Azerbaijan

You also say that the people of Kudar live on their land

There are at least two thousand people in the regiment. What is such a loss in Armenia

From two to three thousand - this is not a regiment, but rather a division or brigade.

Aizers are not the indigenous people of the Caucasus.

some hucksters took away the stall from other hucksters, kish-mish, yes. see the trade is not going.

We can significantly help both sides by sending and deporting reinforcements from Russia.

neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are our friends, let them fight

Armenia does not recognize Russian Crimea, Russia does not recognize Nagorno-Karabakh. Everything is fair. Nobody cares who owned the land long ago.

Karabakh, the original Armenian land. They lived there 1000 years ago, and Azerbaijan is only 100 years old

Maybe the nomadic Turks will stop lying? And the rams ?!

So they just throw everything and rush to the war?
Well, maybe they will shoot from the couch

Sorry Sergei, but you are mistaken Nagorno-Karabakh was and always will be an Armenian territory, and if you can easily get to know the history of Nagorno-Karabakh. 21st century and you can find everything on the Internet

No one has fought with the number of soldiers for a long time, technology decides, Turkey will not give offense to its brothers in time.

You need to fill gaps in your knowledge of history ...

To mine, Karabakh has always been the land of the Azevs

Will the Stavropol Regional Special Forces Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia be mobilized?

If he says it once, I will believe it. If there are two, I will doubt it. Three - he's a liar. So in this fake. 4 times the same thing is written. To the ban.

Food City alone can give Azerbaijan several divisions of soldiers, and how many vegetable depots are there throughout Russia

laughing at people dying in battle as something mean ...

But what about the Sochi gang, oh, was it wrong, the brigade of special purpose, does not want to fight for the Motherland?

Cool said !!! Sochi will be empty)))

No need for war. Peace is needed. Many good people will suffer.

There are many visionaries both in Armenia and Azerbaijan!

Well, they can't live .... what kind of people ??

Let the Armenians mobilize the Sochi division ...

Armenia has Iskander M.

Azerbaijan suffers colossal losses in people and technology!

We need urgent help to our all to go from Moscow to help!

A couple of clarifications. Firstly, it is not the Russian agency Interfax, but Interfax-Azerbaijan reported. See your link yourself. And these are 2 big differences. Secondly, a motorized rifle regiment is from 2000 to 3000 people and more than a hundred units of armored vehicles. It seems that the Azerbaijanis, to put it mildly, are exaggerating.