Armenia accused Azerbaijan of preparing for a new war

Amid growing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the latter is actively purchasing military equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) abroad, including Israel and Turkey. This was stated by the head of the Armenian mission to the European Union (EU), Ambassador Tigran Balayan in an interview with Brussels Signal. According to him, the Armenian side closely monitors the purchase of ammunition, which is delivered to Azerbaijan by military flights, especially noting the significant share of supplies from Israel and Turkey.

Balayan indicated that approximately 60-70% of all Azerbaijan's military equipment comes from these two countries. In addition, he mentioned an increase in military flights from Serbia, which recently entered into an agreement to sell some of its artillery equipment to the Azerbaijani side.

The Ambassador also commented on the recent aggression by Azerbaijan, which resulted in the death of four Armenian military personnel, viewing it as a response to increased cooperation between Armenia and the EU. Balayan stressed that the attack was not only a signal for Armenia, but also for Brussels, especially considering that it occurred a few hours before the meeting of the EU-Armenia Partnership Council.

According to Balayan, Azerbaijan’s aggressive actions are a clear challenge to the EU’s efforts in the region, highlighting Baku’s reluctance to end the conflict and the continuation of aggressive rhetoric, actions, murders and provocations despite all warning calls.


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