Armenia announced the use of Russian Su-30SM fighters

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia announced the beginning of the use of Russian Su-30SM fighters.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported that the country's Air Force will use the Su-30SM fighters purchased earlier from Russia in the conflict on the territory of Karabakh. According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, these combat aircraft are used, however, due to "limitations in tactical capabilities", the use of fighters is very limited.

"Su-30SM fighters are limited in their tactical capabilities, but they are used", - reports the military department of Armenia.

The limited combat use is likely due to the presence of medium and long-range air defense systems in Azerbaijan's armaments, however, this does not mean at all that fighters are not used to perform combat missions, however, it is rather about delivering pinpoint strikes against enemy forces.

Today, the Armenian Air Force is armed with 4 Su-30SM fighters, which were previously supplied from Russia, while Armenia no longer has fighters in service, which is obviously quite strong and limits the use of military aircraft in an armed conflict, moreover, the same applies to the adjacent side, which is limited exclusively to the use of An-2 aircraft

Do not lie. write the truth - SU 30 are not Russian, but Russian-made (of Armenian origin)