Armenia simultaneously struck two strikes with R-17 ballistic missiles at Azerbaijan. Video

The Armenian Defense Ministry struck Azerbaijan with tactical ballistic missile systems.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense has published unique video footage of a double strike by ballistic missiles of the R-17 Elbrus tactical missile system on the territory of Azerbaijan.

“In social networks, footage of the next use of the 9K72 Elbrus OTRK by the Armenian army on Azerbaijani positions is being disseminated - the video demonstrates a pair launch of a single-stage R-17 missile. In early October, the media already reported on such missile launches of Armenians in Azerbaijan. The maximum range of the R-17 missile is about 300 km, the hitting accuracy is about 450 m. According to data for the last year, Yerevan has eight Elbrus launchers in service. ", - about it сообщает information publication "Reporter".

In the presented video frames, you can see how a double launch of ballistic missiles is performed. The exact location of the strikes was not named, however, experts drew attention to the fact that the missiles flew along the same trajectory and in the same direction, which indicates the fact that the strike was carried out in the same region, and a double blow indicates the intention to inflict maximum damaging effect on the opposite side.

Experts draw attention to the fact that strikes with tactical weapons on Azerbaijan may lead to the fact that Baku will begin to strike directly on the territory of Armenia, and this may result in completely different consequences in this armed conflict.