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Armenia again took up the old, abandoning Russian weapons in favor of foreign

Armenia preferred foreign weapons to Russian ones.

Despite the fact that the experience of the war in Karabakh demonstrated the complete uselessness of weapons acquired from other countries, even taking into account the clearly inflated cost, the Armenian authorities decided not to purchase Russian modern radar stations, focusing on cheaper Indian counterparts. We are talking about the purchase of Indian-made Swathi Weapon Locating Radar radars, which have already ruined their reputation both in clashes with Pakistan and in clashes with China.

A few hours ago, an An-124 aircraft arrived in Armenia from India, which delivered the Indian Swathi Weapon Locating Radar to the armament of the Armenian army. It is known about the delivery of at least two radars, although the number of those may be much larger, however, experts draw attention to the fact that such a purchase will damage not only the budget of Armenia, but also its security - the Swathi Weapon Locating Radar radar could not detect artillery positions Pakistani military and reacted very ambiguously to the deployment of Chinese missile systems in the disputed region on the border with the PRC.

The Swathi Weapon Locating Radar radar is a means of detecting enemy artillery, and, most notably, India itself is in no hurry to arm itself with these artillery reconnaissance stations - India has only 22 radar stations in service.

This is a lie. Indian contract from 2015 or 16. The last deliveries are not yet completed. Maybe this is the last stage.
There are no new supply agreements. There are intentions on joint development in the field of electronic systems.
The Armenian army is built on the principle of the Soviet- (Russian). So if there are gaps or shortcomings, then Russia should pay attention to this. Of course, in this case there is a great difference in capabilities, and the true, strategic goals of Russia are also unknown. that it was a "drain", it is clear to a fifth-grader. Or maybe this is another "multi-move", omnipotent and omnipotent ...

What then are our military doing in Karabakh? Let the Indian army protect them. Withdraw our contingent immediately.

Russian weapons in Armenia. As in Krylov's fable "Monkey and Glasses"

Yeah .. Indian is better!)))))

These tanks and s-300s were blown up by Turkish drones and Israeli ones. Azerbaijan also used Israil anti-tank missiles.

That's right, Russian TOSs, grads, missiles, airplanes and helicopters, artillery, small arms and much more helped turn the Armenian military pack into beaten dogs, watched videos of how artillery and rocket systems continuously shoot at enemy positions, very impressive.

The fact is not verified, and they did not speak on TV, rather a fake

Sadness ...

Dear Russians, do not underestimate Russian military equipment. Azerbaijanis also fought with these weapons. And Russia did not supply any junk there. T-90, S-300, new howitzers, etc. are not junk.

The Armenians are doing everything right. They buy weapons on the side, and they will receive our weapons from Russia, as always, free of charge.

Roma. And we at least sit down, at least get up, all the same, if only to get away from you.

then you go on helping the Armenians ...

Do you yourself believe that? Did they sell the Karabakh? What could they oppose? A country with 2.5 Lyams people without a budget bought Russian trash what Russia was supposed to hand over to the Armenians at a discount)))

Wait and see)

Leopard change his spots.

Here is another provocation in the article! This contract is from 2016. And now the last delivery. And Armenia did not refuse the Russian one. What nonsense !!!

"And you, friends, no matter how you sit down;
All are not good musicians. ”- words from a good fable by Krylov. I'm not sure that foreign weapons will help our Armenian allies.

The fact that "overpriced" goes to the bablop. Nothing new. The Armenians consider themselves a nation of traders. They sold Karabakh. And they will sell it again.

"even taking into account the obviously overpriced, ..."
"paying attention to the cheaper Indian counterparts ..."
so think you have written

So now they will try foreign weapons from the Russian sense, wasn’t what doesn’t suit you? Russia was already giving discounts to Armenians wasted time)

did the right thing

Any technique must be able to own. Give the monkey a grenade, he will think that it is a persimmon ...