Military air base


Armenia denied Russia a second military base

Armenia is interested in expanding the existing military base of the Russian Aerospace Forces, but does not see the need for a second one.

The head of the Armenian Ministry of Defense said that due to the change in the situation in relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, today there is no talk of building a second Russian military facility, arguing that it contradicts legal norms.

“Today the situation has changed significantly, Russian border guards are entrusted with additional functions to ensure the security and protection of the border of the Republic of Armenia with Azerbaijan. The issue of expanding and strengthening the Russian military base on the territory of the Republic of Armenia has always been on the agenda, and the Armenian side has always been interested in this for the simple reason that the base in full force is part of the Joint Grouping of Troops (Forces) of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Russia. As for the deployment of an additional military formation of the armed forces of Russia on the territory of the republic, I think that there is no such need, and the normative legal framework existing at the moment between our states determines the status and regulates the activities of only one Russian base "- stated Armenian Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan.

It is noteworthy that earlier it was Armenia that announced its intentions to provide Russia with another military base on the territory of the country, and although today there is no information regarding whether official negotiations were held on this score, it is obvious that in Yerevan they came to the conclusion that the fact that the appearance of a second Russian military base is not advisable, as it could lead to a new escalation of the situation.

It is not yet known whether the Russian air base in Gyumri will be further expanded, since no official comments on the statement that have appeared on the part of the Russian defense department have been reported on this score.