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Armenia refused to buy Russian electronic warfare systems, choosing Germany

Armenia refused to buy Russian electronic warfare systems because of their ineffectiveness in the war in Karabakh.

The Armenian authorities demonstratively refused to buy Russian electronic countermeasures to combat unmanned aerial vehicles, having concluded a corresponding agreement with Germany for the supply of complexes. The reason for this was the fact that absolutely all electronic warfare systems in service with Armenia, including the Repellent system, were useless against enemy drones, and some of the complexes were completely destroyed by the same drones.

At the moment, it remains unknown which company Armenia ordered electronic warfare systems from, however, such a demonstrative unwillingness to acquire Russian weapons may indicate that Yerevan intends to switch from the use of Soviet and Russian weapons to the weapons of Western countries, although Yerevan is quite could acquire Russian complexes "Krasukha", Belarusian electronic warfare systems "Groza", etc., which proved to be quite successful in the fight against drones of Israeli and Turkish production.

“The catastrophic failure of the Armenian armament is due to both the lack of good training among the military personnel of this country, and the banal use of ineffective weapons. Armenia could well acquire several Krasukha complexes, and completely disable any communication with drones within a radius of several hundred kilometers, as the ego has already been observed in Libya and Syria. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

According to the plan, the Armenian army should have been deployed in the other direction long ago and the inhabitants of Armenia said all this and broadcast it at the rallies, moreover, this is all confirmed by those who do not live there (by their attitude), behavior and attitude! And the rejection of technology? That's not news. Nothing more to write? It's a pity that Armen Borisovich died - apparently, it all hit his health! Very sorry. So many deaths, so many abominations have been uttered by the talkers and politicians!

The Syrian C300s are inactive.

Do not forget the recent attitude of Armenians towards Russia. And what, should we set up weapons for them so that they obsequiously transfer all our secrets to a new owner? Exercises Caucasus2020 showed the Azeris the power of Russian weapons, when our stations felt the space of Azerbaijan, like a lover of a young maiden.

During my 20 years of service, I have seen not only Armenian majors, but also many colonels. One was the head of the department at the Academy of the Border Troops.

And at the most crucial moment, electronic warfare will suddenly turn off remotely.

How I am touched by such "whistleblowers" who do not even closely know history. Against the background of how Turkey ruled in Ayzerbadzhan and even in the North Caucasus in the 90s, now it can be said that it is not there. Well, one of the few combat fighters shot down in the classic confrontation with air defense (and not the caught MANPADS from which no one is insured) is just the newest Israeli F-16 downed C-200.

Armenians and their parents, the territory of Russia, would you like to leave

You touch me ...
1. They wrote a hundred times that the Jews are attacking from the territory of Lebanon. E? Do you propose to shoot down Jewish planes over the territory of a neighboring state?
2. Oxtis, nebrat, and cross. Since Russia has "big problems with weapons, Russia is lagging behind in many ways, from the Navy to drones," why are you sitting like mice in Donbass?

Give the monkey a grenade, she will tear off her own hands, the same with the Armenians. Well, seriously, as it was said earlier, what kind of army do they have !? Just stand in the bazaar and sell seeds!

Under the Union, for 20 years of service, I saw one Armenian, they took pity on dismissal, they gave me a major. Where did they get their army, what kind of electronic warfare? I don't believe in their military power! Steal, sell - yes !!! Terminators!

For example, Syria has a c300, but the Israeli Air Force did not lose a single fighter, attacking the Assad regime on a weekly basis, Russia has big problems with weapons, Russia lags behind in many parameters, from the Navy to drones. Could you imagine 10 years ago that Turkey so brazenly invaded the zones of interest of Russia and said, we do not care about the opinion of Russia, the Turkish military will be in the NKR?

I remember how I received a military registration specialty at the military department. So our radio station there was the size of a Kamaz body, there were about 30 toggle switches. I imagine how the Armenians are there with such equipment. Not only is it outdated, it is also complex. Although now all these systems should probably be simpler. In general, it is practically impossible to muffle the control signal, it is only 3-4 bits together with the encoding. But the video signal is easier to drown out, without it the drone becomes blind.

Purchase for Russia. Russia will test its drones. It's time to study the working methods of Vladimir Putin

Refused to buy or refused to borrow, in the hope that then Moscow will write off the debt as always?

And what kind of complexes did Armenia have during the conflict?

Because he was unnecessary for them, everything was decided.

Armenia does not need Russian weapons.

So after all, the complex still needs brains, not show-off.

Look back at Syria before writing nonsense.

Now Russia can study the German complex.

And how else to get a rollback in euros and justify the refusal of the offer ... Ahh what fraternal people?)))

Armenia acquired these systems at the direction of Moscow precisely in order to be convinced of the complete inefficiency of the German complexes.

They have already won back. What are they going to jam? Your phones?

The Germans offered more kickbacks

I wonder where the money comes from and will it be enough to buy German equipment? Germany is unlikely to give as Russia

probably this is a military Mercedes, show-offs are more expensive than safety ...