Rocket strike


Armenia mistakenly hit Iskander missile "on friendly"

The Armenian military mistakenly struck with a tactical missile "Iskander" on their own.

Armenia tried to strike at the positions of the Azerbaijani military, using Iskander OTRK for this, however, under unclear circumstances, it struck at its own. The information that the Iskander complex was involved follows from the information that the missile flew over 300 kilometers, and today only the Iskander OTRK is capable of doing this.

According to published data, the blow fell on the Baku-Novorossiysk oil pipeline, most of which is owned by Russia, while, apparently, the target was not the pipeline, but the positions of the Azerbaijani military and equipment.

“On Sunday, October 18, the Armenian armed forces fired rockets at the non-military target of the Baku-Novorossiysk oil pipeline, which passes through the territory of the Khyzi region of Azerbaijan. It is reported by Azerbaycan 24 resource, referring to the data of the General Prosecutor's Office of the country. According to Azerbaijani sources, Yerevan tried to strike at the Khizi region, located three hundred kilometers from the combat zone. Azerbaijani air defense systems neutralized the attacks of the Armenians by shooting down a rocket - some of its fragments were scattered at a distance of 250 meters from the pipeline, which is important for economic cooperation between Baku and Moscow. According to the Azerbaijani General Prosecutor's Office, the Armenians attempted to attack an infrastructure facility, the destruction of which could lead to large material damage, in connection with which appropriate investigative actions are being taken. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Experts do not exclude that the strike was erroneous, and not related to jamming by Azerbaijan, however, the fact that Yerevan switched to the use of Russian Iskander tactical missile systems indicates that the target was of a very important nature. although there are no details on this yet.

And how could the Azeris shoot down Iskander? Slingshot?