Armenia shows video of destruction of Azerbaijani military helicopter of air defense missile system "Buk"

The Armenian Buk air defense missile system left only a pile of scrap metal from the Azerbaijani Air Force helicopter.

Despite the denial of Azerbaijani military losses in its ranks, the Armenian Ministry of Defense published unique video footage showing the destruction of a military helicopter of the Azerbaijani Air Force. The combat vehicle was reportedly shot down by a Buk anti-aircraft guided missile, which literally cut the helicopter into pieces with a large number of striking parts, leaving only a pile of scrap metal from the latter.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of an anti-aircraft guided missile hitting an Azerbaijani helicopter. There are no official statements from the Armenian Defense Ministry that the aircraft was shot down by the Buk missile, however, sources note that a medium-range air defense system was involved, and judging by the damage received by the helicopter, the combat vehicle was shot down by just such a missile.

The loss of three military helicopters by the Azerbaijani Air Force, which allegedly violated the airspace of Armenia, was officially confirmed, however, there is evidence that at least two more combat vehicles were fired upon from large-caliber anti-aircraft installations, as a result of which they could also be destroyed.

It should be noted that in just an incomplete day of the conflict on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, both sides suffered simply colossal losses in equipment, while, despite calls for a diplomatic solution to the problem, the conflict only continues to intensify.

I am of course for Armenia, but these are the shots, this is something wrong, there is no burnt-out earth, traces of charred parts, burning, and there are no traces of a fall, due to inertia, all the same, the earth must be plowed, but here it is as if it is still lying from a past conflit , either shoot more, or work more on the presentation, but rub in such a game, well, no, it's not that at all

Let me be curious - where are the other parts? Evaporated ?! And the impression is that these debris did not fall from the air, but as if they were just brought and carefully unloaded from the truck. Funny ...