Armenia showed video of destruction of three tanks of Azerbaijan

Armenia destroyed T-72 tanks of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces with direct hits.

As a result of the conflict that arose on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the latter country suffers very serious losses, in particular, it became known about two downed helicopters, three drones and at least three destroyed T-72 tanks (there is information about the destruction of two more T-90 tanks - Ed.). As proof, the Armenian Defense Ministry published video footage showing the destruction of two combat vehicles of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

At the moment, powerful military clashes are taking place in the border regions of Armenia and Azerbaijan, in particular, it is reported about artillery and rocket attacks on both the positions of the Armenian military and the positions of the Azerbaijani military. Sources say that total casualties have already reached 30 people, with a fairly large number of wounded.

It should be noted that there were serious losses for the Armenian Armed Forces, in particular, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense confirmed the destruction of 12 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, which allows the Azerbaijani Air Force to use its combat aircraft for an active confrontation with Armenia in the border regions, however, on Today, Armenia has S-300 systems capable of striking the Azerbaijani Air Force in almost any region.

We, the Azerbaijani people, will not wait for the continuation of the peace negotiations, which have lasted for 30 years. It also hurts us to lose our brothers, fathers, husbands and sons. Azerbaijan is fighting on its land for its lands occupied by Armenia. Victory is ours! We are for justice!

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first on mine

Very true and patriotic!

There is no need to work, to evict, our husbands, brothers, fathers are ready to go and defend our Armenia.

No, the Armenians were the first to post them. Double check your details. The Russian media often post videos of both in one article, but the text says where whose.

But I don’t believe that these are tanks of Azerbaijanis. I think this is fake propaganda of Armenia

Armenia and Azerbaijan You need to announce the mobilization of your fellow countrymen. And demand the expulsion from Russia, all of yours.

I saw these shots earlier, they were shown by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. It's strange. Not from Syria filming?

There is probably little left of the tankers because of the intense fire, grief only to the relatives and the loss of the tank to the authorities and no more